5 reasons to change your iPhone for Blackberry Classic

blackberry classic

Returning to your roots is always nice, especially when these roots allow you to be more organized and efficient in your workplace. This is one of the reasons why, according to the statistics, a large number of consumers switched from iPhone to BlackBerry Classic.

Let’s have a look at the reasons to come back to Blackberry models!

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Design and general feel from the phone

Comparing the weight of Classic and iPhone 5s, you will feel a significant difference. While the iPhone is much more lightweight, the Classic feels like a well-assembled device.

The touch screen along with the iconic BlackBerry keyboard gives the owner a sense of solidity. This is one of the reasons why serious managers prefer this device.

Performance and charge

The iPhone 5s has become slow and its battery gets flat faster than ever.

Upgrading to iOS9 would be another mistake since Applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat open in 5 seconds while the browser cannot cope with only five tabs.


Apple often released versions full of errors in the process of updating, and expected its users to be happy about them. IOS is getting more and more Android functions, and it’s not good for the ecosystem that the company has been using for many years.

The BlackBerry operating system, on the other hand, offers security in its closed ecosystem where users have the right to decide whether they want a specific function or not.

BlackBerry Hub allows you to manage all kinds of things and decide which notifications you want to see and how. The optical trackpad from the 2000s also helps to navigate easily and quickly offering a reliable experience.


A lot of users appreciate the ergonomic BB keyboard without using iOS exclusive applications.

Social media on BB is very convenient to use. The red and green phone indicator helps you to know what you could have missed while not looking at the screen.

Multitasking and other details

The phone is the leader when it comes to multitasking and launching applications. The 3.5″ screen makes it easy to read articles while a 2 GB RAM with a Snapdragon S4 Plus processor perfectly copes with all kinds of tasks.

A 2515 mAh battery allows you not to rush every night to get to the charger while the camera is quite decent to take quick shots.



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