7 Successful Small Business Ideas In Kenya For 2017

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Have you already reached the moment when having a good job and a stable income is not enough? Here is Kenya, a country full of resources for large and small business establishments. Local and foreign entrepreneurs are always welcomed here. According to Tuko News, the country has a growing potential and privileges in the field of entrepreneurship. If you still haven’t made your decision about business you want to run, here are some of the most popular and successful ideas for your consideration.

  1. Soap production

This is a solution for small enterprises. You won’t gain millions on it, but the income will be stable because soap is a constantly consuming product. You won’t need a lot of resources in the beginning. It means that with an appropriate business plan you can expect a fast return on investments. This decision is suitable for rich-boys-clubs. Soap production is a perfect opportunity for people who are looking for the next level of stability and enjoying life out of employment.

  1. Bakery/restaurant/food business

This is another solution for long-term stability. Food production is always demanding and popular. Be it a bread bakery, pizza place, ice-cream truck, traditional food fancy restaurant for tourists, coffee shops with local coffee for tourists, fast food for locals; with a proper investment of efforts and money the venture will be successful. In contrast to soap production, this type of enterprise requires more human resources, like the right internal design, skilled cooks, pleasant sellers or waiters, and other. This venture cannot be run remotely.

  1. Tea/coffee export

Tea and coffee export is a 20% part of the whole export of the country. It means, there are plenty of resources for interesting and money-making decisions in this brunch. This option is for big players. You can gain big payout depending on the scopes and the quality of the product. The risks of every business scheme is a close cooperation with government establishments and high taxes.

  1. Cut flowers

This is another popular export product in Kenya, which remains in-demand in 2017. The model requires human resources skilled in flower arranging and planting, land resources, watering systems, active transport collaboration and other resources, which make the initial investment competitive. On the other hand, this is a relatively safe choice for those who want to play for the high stakes. Negative side includes high taxes.

  1. Business coaching

This is a fresh field for those who have already succeeded in establishing a few big or small enterprises. This is a good way not only to share the gained experience but also to earn more money. Business coaching is a relatively new branch. The positive aspects are an absence of initial investment, low level of business struggle and fast income. Negative sides and requirements include a presence of practical experience, full time and energy consuming job. It works perfectly for a self-realization of an experienced businessman.


  1. Wedding/honeymoon planning

The number of couples who prefer a non-traditional way of a wedding ceremony is constantly growing as well as those who prefer exotic honeymoon trips. Organization of different types of services in Kenya can appear a pot of gold because most people cannot afford to do it themselves. You have to sell a social security. This idea requires little investments and establishment of regular international relations to find and attract foreign clients. With a fancy representation and high promotion, the idea might become a stable source of not only income but also positive emotions.

  1. School or college establishment

This is not only a business idea but also a way to change life in Kenya. The population of the country is now in need of additional education. This is not as hard as it seems. Building a school or college may not grant you with a great scope of money, but with a stable income, it will definitely allow you to change the world for the better.

In any case, starting your own business is always challenging and demanding. You may receive your first income in a few months or ten years. Patience must be your guide. Remember that strong team and collaboration is a basis of every successful decision for entrepreneurs.

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