9 Rules of a Dirty Talk

dirty talk

The couple can do whatever they want in bed, if it is agreed by both partners. However, a pre-discussed dirty talk will not be effective and hardly turn you both on. What is more, usually partners do not talk about their preferences at all and just endure in order not to offend a date. That is why the psychologists found a few pro and contra about intimate conversations according to the interviews of the happy couples.

At Maria date, we have collected the most useful do’s and don’ts of these research in bed specially for you. Let this article be the first step for you to start discussing your private life and make it better.

  1. Do: Be specific

When you reveal your sex fantasies or want to turn on your partner, do not use long sentences full of comparisons and emotionally colored adjectives. Leave it for your school compositions. The singularity of a dirty talk is in its shortness, exactness and pleasantness. Be clear about what you say.

  1. Don’t: Control every detail

Just try to imagine the whole idea, do not stick to separate words. Over control and too many rules may finish the game before it gets started. Insisting only on making your desires come true or a senseless talk leading to nothing is also for the dummies. Don’t you want to play the real game for the grown-ups instead of starting an argument, do you?

  1. Don’t: Humiliate your partner

Usually men forget about this taken for granted rule calling the women plump or hinting on the flat chest even while making compliments. It is better not to pay much attention to any of your ladies’ problems during sex. The same is about women who sometimes belittle the men’s abilities or even have sexist inclinations. Have some respect for your partner. Otherwise, what is the reason for the game?

  1. Do: Call by name

You cannot even imagine how such a little thing can get you closer. Especially if your relationships are fresh. Sex is not just a physical, but an emotional connection as well. It is foolish to apply such an easy, invaluable action to get something highly appreciated.

  1. Don’t: Lie

It is cool, if you are sincere with each other, but try not to blur it with a straight lie. In this case, the passion will disappear and there are very few things that may lead to your losing the intimate attraction.

  1. Do: Tell your partner how sexy he/she is

Women love with their ears and men are the true predators with the self-esteem as high as a mountain. Nice words said while lying in bed hardly breathing with no clothes on will not only unite you emotionally, but also make you want each other more.

  1. Don’t: Be shy

Even the best dirty talk, which successfully excited and inflamed your bodies, will be in vain if you finish it with a cheesy missionary position. Implement at least a shade of your dreams or the conversation’s subjects. Otherwise, next time your partner may doubt whether to talk to you about sex at all.

  1. Don’t: Do not insist

If being reserved is a specific trait of your girl’s character, do not make her google dirty talks and learn its art. Such an intimate conversation is natural. Anyway, if you are eager to chat about sex, you can speak for two. Hot Russian girls become liberated only under certain circumstances, so you need to create the right atmosphere for a dirty talk.

  1. Do: Spontaneous actions

Pre-discussion of your action sitting dressed in the kitchen with a cup of coffee in hands does not sound convenient. You start to wonder whether you need this at all. It is necessary not to get worried and try to describe your desires the moment you can implement them without thinking much. It’s essential if you have sex with new partner. That is actually the main goal of a dirty talk: to make two people do things prohibited behind the doors of their bedroom.  To tell the truth, rehearsing or learning by heart the replicas will definitely do you no good. Say what your feel and be yourself–this is the main Do from the list.

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