How to become more effective as manager

How to be a more effective manager

What really is meant by job satisfaction?  There are numerous answers to this question as people perceive it from various angles. But there is one answer that is commonly accepted across all levels of management – job satisfaction is a derivative of the kind of relationship you enjoy with the boss.  How effective managers are in delivering results largely depends on how good they are in maintaining a cordial and trustworthy relationship with their subordinates.

Better job satisfaction is directly linked to better productivity. Hence, as a manager you need to possess some basic management skills and also acquire skills that are essential to make subordinates happy at their work. This would impact your effectiveness as a manager. Doing the basics right and paying attention to the fundamentals can show the way to be more effective as a manager. How it can be achieved has been discussed in this article.

Don’t be impulsive – have patience

The job of a manager is quite stressful and how well you are able to cope with it contributes to your managerial effectiveness. Your hands might always be full and overflowing with problems that you have to resolve with a lot of patience. There are so many different types of pulls and pushes that you have to go through in your daily chores at work.  Handling the divergent groups of customers and employees with a smiling face, meeting what your boss expects from you at that instant, frightening deadlines and planning for maximum output with limited resources – the list for stress building is quite long. Develop the skill to handle all these with a lot of patience especially in matters related to employees. You are likely to be rewarded with better efforts from your employees for allowing them time to be back on the tracks.

Keep emotions in check – demonstrate fairness

Good managers are able to keep their emotions under control. This is best demonstrated in the decisions that you take about your subordinates when you treat each of them fairly without any emotional bias. It is only natural that there will be some employees you like more than others. Resist the temptation of marking favorites and don’t get inclined towards them. Treat everybody with fairness, no matter even if some of them are difficult people to go along with. The trait of fair dealing will help you to earn respect as a leader who judges people without any personal bias.

Appreciate with an open mind

A manager is responsible for motivating employees to get the best out of them. Motivation through exemplary acts is much easier to achieve then dry speeches. Play on the human psychology to gain mileage in motivation. The best way is to appreciate good work openly. Have the honesty to identify good workers and praise their efforts to acknowledge what they have contributed. Humans love to be appreciated and it motivates them to carry on the good work.  Such action not only motivates the person who is being praised but it can also inspire others to improve. In a way, appreciation is a very good management investment that can give dividends in many ways and place you in good stead as an effective manager.

Link accountability to the bigger goals

Make the people who work with you accountable with the task that you assign to them. They have to be clearly told that it is their baby that they have to take care of. Have the courage to underline the scope of accountability so that you can take the people to task, if needed. Be careful to link accountability to the bigger goals so that you do not lose your way in the maze of micro-management.  Pull them up whenever they default in bigger issues related to initiatives linked to strategic moves and complex project execution without paying too much attention for lapses on trivial issues. Never lose sight of the bigger picture in pursuit of holding people accountable. To know more about it, refer to books that are available at getabstract, the storehouse for online reading of management books.

It’s all about good execution

There should be no compromise in the way you execute your job as a manager. You will be judged on how effective the execution has been. Even the best ideas can stumble and look stupid due to faulty execution. In order to improve your effectiveness as a manager, pay complete attention to what you can deliver that are linked to tangible results. Work out the plan for execution meticulously by taking into account the strength of the resources at your disposal. Make best use of the resources so that the weaknesses are covered.  The results should show what you have done and bear testimony of your contribution. Proper execution is the only way to succeed as a manager.

Communicate to give feed back

How good you are in communicating determines your managerial abilities. Good managers invariably need to be very strong communicators. Staying attached to your employees and giving the right feedback is the basic responsibility of any manager. The feedback should be impartial and include the positives as well as the negatives.  When you communicate convincingly, employees gain trust and get close with you. These are essential for good teamwork.  It indicates that you are accessible to employees and ready to hear what they have to say. The idea is to stay in touch through communication and does not always necessarily mean that you have to be present physically. Communicating through text, email and phone can also work.

Set employee objectives with clear focus

The objectives that you set for employees can be stretched but have to be attainable. It needs to have tangible measurement parameters. This would remove any subjectivity from the goals that are set and make it look very objective and realistic that would motivate people to achieve it. Employees should be clear in what they have to do and the focus would enable them move in the right direction.

Practice the skills and refine it through periodical reviews to gain competitive advantage over others in your pursuit of becoming a better manager.

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