Best Budgeting Apps: 7 Android Apps To Track Your Monthly Spending


Keeping a record of your financial spending is a tough job to do, especially if you have several accounts or two or more types of credit cards. Money flows in and money flows out and this makes the old saying true: the more you earn, the more likely you’re to spend. It doesn’t matter what your financial status is, but it is always good to know what your real income and expenditures are.

Here is a list of top 7 Android apps that can help you keep a track of your monthly spending:

  1. OnTrees

This amazing budgeting app from MoneySuperMarket helps you keep a track of your money in an easy and convenient way. OnTrees works in close collaboration with the major banks to keep a track of exactly how much money flows in and how much money goes out of your savings account, current account and credit card balance. You can track all this from one single login.

The app manages your transactions in several segments so you can see where your money is going and where you’re saving. It also provides you with detailed report about your expenditure habits with icons and charts.

  1. Mint

This Android app comes from Intuit and just like OnTrees, it permits you keep all your cards and accounts at one location by linking everything to the app. You can easily track your expenses, create a full0fledged budget, put up bill reminders and get help on lowering fees and save some good amount for yourself.

The app mechanically categorizes credit card and banking transactions. It has a Trend spec which permits you to track credit cards, expenditure, income, cash as well as your net worth with time and help you set up your fiscal goals.

  1. Wally

Wally permits you to maintain a balance of your expenses and income by acknowledging where your money is going. It provides you the ability to set your budget as well as fiscal goals. It also gives you the freedom to save receipts and transmit the data to Excel file.

For those who have location services on, the app mechanically identifies and labels where you are and the amount of money you would need to spend. It has smart notifications which remind you of upcoming payment dues and accomplished goals. The more you make use of Wally, the more intelligent it gets by acknowledging your preferences and offering customized insight to your financial dealing.

  1. Level Money

Somewhat like OnTrees and Mint, Level Money is an Android app which permits you to link your accounts to the app with more than 18000 United States based fiscal institutes and banks. It provides access to transaction from all types of bank accounts as well as credit card once you connect it, thereby permitting you to see the balance altogether.

You can easily strategize and create a plan which will automatically adjust your revenue and bills, help you get customized notifications for balance updates, notification of debits and credits in accounts as well as a track a of your spending habits.

  1. You need a Budget

Also referred as YNAB, it is the buddy app of the similar software for Desktop. It permits you to enter transactions even while when you’re on the go as well as keep a check on your balance before and after making the purchase so you know  if you’ve actually made the right purchase or not.

You can also check out your previous transactions for all the accounts. YBAN can also cloud sync over all your compatible gadgets. You just need to install the desktop version of the app to work together.

  1. GoodBudget

Previously known as Easy Envelop Budget Aid, Goodbudget works on the envelope budgeting approach. The difference is just that it is virtual envelopes in comparison to the physical ones. One can see their envelope balance and bank balance along with their expense record.

You can sync everything with this app across the devices along with your iPhone, Android phones and web. It also allows you to share your budget with your friend, spouse or family members. Speaking about the web version, you can download the transaction and transmit them to Excel and the app provides reports to help you alter your budget and compare your incomes with your expenses.

  1. Mvelopes

Just like Goodbudget, Mvelopes also depends on the envelope budgeting approach. It mechanically downloads the transactions from accounts that you have connected to it and categorizes your expenses, plan a good budget and keep a track of how much you have left for the month.

You can easily access your budget even if you’re travelling and you can adjust it. The app helps you capture receipts screenshots from phone and attach it to the transactions. It provides live budget updates while you’re purchasing thing.

Spending money with budgeting apps is good. It helps you to monitor your income and spending. While shopping from credit card often people exceed the credit limit which eventually leads them to debt. However, with credit card consolidation loan, you can easily get rid of your debt and emerge debt free.

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