Dubai Becoming a Hotspot for UFO Sightings According to Experts


Dubai is becoming a hotspot for UFO sightings according to experts. For example, a UFO was captured just before a 2016 New Year’s Eve blaze. Yet this was only one of many UFO sightings in the country that year. According to reports, around five similar reports of UFOs are made in Dubai each year.

Socio Economical Factors might be at Cause

The country has a relatively wealthy population where nearly everyone carries a cell phone and looks for expensive activities like skydiving. In this climate, if anything unusual appears, a large percentage of those present can record it with a smart phone. The New Years’ Eve 2016 UFO example was caught by a surprised former Air Force contractor with his smart phone.

The widespread adoption of technology also explains why reported UFO sightings are up worldwide. The National UFO Reporting Centre says there were more than a hundred thousand reported UFOs last century. Yet in 2010, the number was 45,000 per year – thus more sightings were reported in 2010 than the first fifty years of the twentieth century. The rate spiked in the 1990s to 10,000 per year with the widespread adoption of handheld camcorders and video cameras as well as the spread of the internet.

The National UFO Reporting Centre says that the internet is likely responsible, since people often share the odd video they captured even when they have no idea what it is, and the image or video circulates until it reaches the National UFO Reporting Centre.

Higher Diversity Cited as a Factor

Dubai’s openness has brought many expat workers to Dubai, which is why you find many properties for sale in Dubai bought by citizens from other countries. The National UFO Reporting Centre says that people in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia are most likely to report a UFO, while those from Greenland, China and Russia either rarely spot them or almost never report them. Muslim nations are almost as low in their rate of reported UFO sightings. Westerners living in Dubai thus provide a population likely to report UFOs locals may not.

Dubai’s tolerant government and large immigrant population also means there are many who can take local stories of UFOs and share them worldwide. Dulanka Bandara, a UAE resident with a Sri Lankan background, captured a light she was convinced was created by extraterrestrials. Sharing this story with friends and family by default made it international.


The proliferation of smartphones has turned everyone into a potential reporter of unusual events, while the internet allows many more people to share images and video of potential UFOs without explicitly reporting it to groups that track these phenomena. Secular nations and especially English speaking nations are likely to report UFOs, and Dubai’s high rate of reporting compared to other neighboring nations is partially due to its large population of expats. The large diverse population in Dubai also results in these expats or immigrant residents making a story international simply by sharing it with both their neighbors and friends back home on social media.

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