Helpful Tips and Advice for Contacting Your Senator

Contacting Your Senator

There are many reasons for constituents to initiate contact with a senator that range from personal issues they’d like help with, a desire to express opinions on upcoming votes and critical issues, and to provide feedback on things they feel are being done poorly or issues being handled well. Senators like Mike Crapo and many others are usually not hard to get in contact with. A simple search can yield phone numbers, web addresses and street addresses that can be used.

Ways People Can Contact a Senator

When you have an issue that you feel can best be resolved through your senator, there are some things to know before initiating contact. The first is that you have a number of effective ways to get a hold of your senator including:

– Personal letter – A well written, courteous letter will clearly state why you’re writing, accurately explain the situation, ask for a response if you want one, and provide your name and contact information

– Web Contact – Filling out a specially created web contact form. Make sure to fill it out completely and accurately

– A Phone Call – It can take a while to get through, so be patient. Once someone is on the line, courtesy and a polite attitude go a long way

– Visiting – Visiting the senator’s office in person. If you choose this method, be aware that most senators ask that requests be made far in advance of your desired visit date, because you’ll usually need a specific appointment time and date

Once you’ve decided on the best way to get through to your senator, you need to gather your thoughts on the subject you’d like to bring up. It might even help to write things down beforehand. List your ideas, state your case if you’re looking for help with an issue like dealing with unfair treatment by a state agency, and have facts ready as well. If you’re simply requesting something like a collegiate recommendation, those can usually be handled through the mail and possibly with a web form.

Your Senators are There for You

Many senators pride themselves on being available for feedback and for inquiries from their constituents. Some other issues constituents have sought help with include cases where they feel they were tricked into purchasing something due to deceptive or false advertising, problems with state agencies, issues with utility companies, or a simple desire to have their voice heard by their senator because of passionate feelings on a certain subject.

Get Insight into Their Political Actions

It helps before you contact Senator Mike Crapo or any other senator if you read published insightful summaries that let you know how your senator has voted in the past, and what subjects they’ve participated in and felt strongly about. You can find out how they were rated as senators in the past. This includes participation in groups that support environmental causes like water conservation and the legacy of forests.

You’ll also learn how they voted when it came time to vote in members of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the secretary of labor and other important offices. Having knowledge beforehand can help you communicate more effectively with your senator and let your voice be heard.





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