Home Decor Tips for Brightening Up Dark Rooms

Brightening up dark rooms

There are different ways create more light and make rooms brighter when the walls are too dark or there is limited access to natural light. Factors such as personal preferences, the number of changes you want to make and budget will influence the steps you take in this type of process.

You can brighten rooms with additional lighting, accessories and furniture. A brighter room will ultimately feel more open, inviting and airy. Decorate a dark room by emphasizing on color, light and furniture placement.


Removing dark curtains or swapping them for brighter ones will have an instant effect on the darkness of the space. Making a few minor changes will allow more light into the room. Get rid of any obstructions and take down any curtains that limit the amount of light coming in. Replace dark blinds with lighter ones and keep them open to bring more natural light in.

Light Fixtures

A simple and effective way to brighten your space is light fixtures. Install light fixtures and place them appropriately to tone down dark walls and create a vibrant feel. Focus on the darkest parts of the room and add lights in such areas.

Electricians can recommend various lighting solutions that will help you adjust the amount of light according to your needs. If there are parts of your home that are particularly dark, consider focusing light on accent walls in the rooms. Direct more light towards dark areas or place lights next to the accent walls.  Click here for kitchen remodeling Boston.


  • The way you arrange furniture can determine how open and spacious the room feels. Furniture plays a major role in the overall appearance of a room. Furniture that has been placed near a dark wall should be moved away.
  • Ensure that each room has an open entry way without any obstructions. People should be able to enter rooms without being blocked by couches and tables.
  • Avoid clustering furniture pieces in one area of the space.
  • If your furniture is dark, think about exchanging it for lighter options. Lighter furniture will have the effect of minimizing darkness while creating a brighter look. If you are not ready to buy new pieces or do not want to swap your furniture, you make small adjustments such as lighter covers for your couches, bright pillows and light colored cushions.
  • It is also a good idea to remove some of the furnishing from your space to open it up and enhance the free, flowing feel of the room. Limit the number of furniture pieces that are next to walls and try to keep sections of your walls clear. Keep darker furniture away from areas of the room that are not sufficiently lit.


  • Get rid of dark accessories that intensify the lack of light in the room. This is a worthwhile step towards brightening your home.
  • Replace accessories that feature dark colors with lighter varieties. Brighten your rooms with light and boldly colored rugs.
  • Remove clutter and any unnecessary objects that are filling up the space to create an illusion of a larger and spacious place. This helps to make the room look brighter and lighter.


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