Interesting facts you must know about beard growth

beard growth

If you have come here to find out how long it takes to grow a beard, we have to tell you that there is no definitive equation – something you are sure to smell. But we will try to explain to you as best as possible how the beard grows and we will give you maximum examples and possibilities so you can get an idea as well as some little ladies.

The phases of hair growth

Let’s start by knowing, roughly speaking, what are the phases of facial hair growth. This happens to the hair and like any other hair of our body.

  • Anagen: The anagen hair is the one that is developing and grows as much as the bulb (the bag from which the hair is born) allows.
  • Catagen: At this point the bulb is deactivated to release the hair. Once this phase is given, hair is no longer produced.
  • Telogen: The hair, already released, waits to die.
  • Exogenous: Exogenous hair is the one that falls and does not grow back.

Obviously, if you are thinking of leaving a beard, your facial hair will be in the first two phases. It is important to remember that each hair bulb may be in a different phase. That you have fallen a pair of hairs does not mean that all your beard is going to disappear. The time it takes to grow a beard

Know this, let’s talk about numbers. On average, facial hair grows at a rate of 1.25 cm every month. Although, and as it happens with the hair of the head, when this one is enough long the growth begins to slow down. We could say that in a year the beard will grow about 12-15 cm to which you have to remove the cuts you make.This is because the hair is damaged and receives impacts that prevent it from growing. Facial hair works the same way, so you’ll see that there’s a point where it starts to grow more slowly.Then, with a simple calculation you could know how long it will take to grow your beard under normal conditions.  What are considered normal conditions? What other factors intervene?

Many factors condition the length of the beard and it is impossible to calculate how long it will take to grow a certain number of centimeters let alone know when it will become dense and will grow throughout the face.

If you have waited for his beard to grow back, then you need to understand this .In addition, there will be hair that grows and grows without rest and another that stagnates in a length. This is so. As we said before, each hair goes separately. And it should not be a problem because the hair that stops growing is already at a good length. Even if, among the crowd, there is someone who decides to stop, nothing happens, it will not be noticed unless everyone decides to go on strike at the same time, something that is very strange indeed.

The growth of the beard


The first step to letting your beard grow is to get a base. It is the moment when you do not have to do anything, just leave the hair to your air.

Do not be touching all day in search of a new hair as you will only obstruct the skin with grease and dirt, preventing that growth that you crave so much. Of course, do not cut it either.Between 2 and 3 weeks is enough for you to have left the one that will be your base of beard. Surely there will be hairs many longer than others, stands with nothing. Do not suffer; all this is solved. Make a cut

After this time, when you notice that you have grown enough, will begin a long phase in which you should continue to let the hair grow. This time you should start trimming, but fair. Firstly to try to go as far as possible. Next, so that all the tips begin to have a similar shape. Lastly, not to look like a beggar, especially if you have an image to give at work or similar.You’re going to have to shoot like this for at least a couple of months but it’s worth it. And it would be advisable that you visit a good barber to give him the shape as you like.

Skin care

It is perhaps the most feared and hated phase, or the most. The hair, well pointed thanks to the shaving and long enough to bend at will, begins to turn into your against nailing into your skin. The result?  In addition, the powder and grease will stick well to the hair.

The solution is to start using special beard products. The shampoo will make you have a clean beard, free of the elements of the environment as well as the products you apply and the skin that is peeling. The oil, on the other hand, will nourish both the skin and the hair, will thicken the latter and give it softness (which is appreciated when you want to nail it in the neck).


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