Scholarship essay

Scholarship Essay

Getting a scholarship is no longer based on the GPA scores alone and the student is supposed to show their ability to connect with ideas and express them to their readers. As such, most universities…

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Crude oil

Is Crude Oil Losing Traction with Traders?

Brent crude oil is currently trading at $48.87 per barrel (July 17, 2017) for delivery in September 2017, while WTI crude oil is trading at $46.44 per barrel with delivery in August 2017. Crude oil…


Should you do your homework?

If you ask students what is their biggest challenge when it comes to school, they would say that doing homework. And let’s be honest. How many students have you heard saying that they love homework?…


Reliability Factors for Casinos

More often than not, a player will consider one or more pointers in choosing a casino to participate in. To have the best experience in playing these games, the casino you choose has to be…

dirty talk

9 Rules of a Dirty Talk

The couple can do whatever they want in bed, if it is agreed by both partners. However, a pre-discussed dirty talk will not be effective and hardly turn you both on. What is more, usually…