Businesses in Africa


Entrepreneurship in Africa is primarily dominated by small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs. These firms are usually unregistered ones and employ less than 5 people, preferably the ones from the family. A Recent study reveals that most…

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Slip-ons for Men

The Secret to Choose the Right Slip-ons for Men

Do you know how to choose a pair of beautiful and stylish slip-ons? Lazy men’s shoes are divided into 4 different basic designs including men’s leather slippers, sport shoes, fashionable slacks shoes or popular vans…

GMO's are bad for your health

Federal GMO Labeling: Is It A Good Thing?

Genetically modified foods are foods that don’t occur naturally. Modified in labs to either withstand poor growing conditions, pests, or for heartier crops, they are bioengineered by scientists. For as long as science has modified…

kenya business

7 Successful Small Business Ideas In Kenya For 2017

Have you already reached the moment when having a good job and a stable income is not enough? Here is Kenya, a country full of resources for large and small business establishments. Local and foreign entrepreneurs are…