Quick Spotlight On Dempsey From iHeart Media

Dempsey Murphy is a New-York based graphic designer. Her passion for graphic design began early and entirely by accident; Dempsey initially pursued arts classes as a means of avoiding more strenuous and less enjoyable extra-curricular…

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Date a Russian Lady

7 Reasons to Find and Date a Russian Lady

Russian women are in vogue for quite a long time. Even if you are absolutely new to international online dating, you most likely have heard how gorgeous Russian woman are. Probably one of your friends…

data science

8 Interesting Facts About Data Science

According to the We Are Social’s comprehensive study of digital, social and mobile usage around the world (2016): among the 7.4 billion inhabitants of the world 3.4 billion are web users, 2.3 billion are active social media…

debt issues

Resolve Debt Issues In A Wise Manner

Any type of loans and debts are likely to be resolved if the debtor follows the right path and process towards getting rid of the debts. credit card debts are the best example of unsecured…

Donald Trump protest

Donald Trump Rally In Phoenix, Arizona

Here are pictures I took of the Donald Trump rally and protest that occurred on Tuesday. It was a good rally and a peaceful protest. My only complaint is the police used so many tear…

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law Terms You Need To Know

Is there anything worse than bills piling up and not having enough money to pay them? Bankruptcy is an admittance that you aren’t going to be able to pay off your debt now — and…