Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essay

Getting a scholarship is no longer based on the GPA scores alone and the student is supposed to show their ability to connect with ideas and express them to their readers. As such, most universities and colleges will require students to write scholarship essays where they are required to express themselves through answering certain prompts. This is a chance for the student to shine above the other students that are above them in their GPA scores. Other than that, the students also have a chance to show their abilities in writing other than their ability in getting high grades in class. This is a crucial element as it shows the students have a good grasp of their skills especially with reference to expressing themselves. This is a skill that not only shows academic abilities but also a skill that can be leveraged in the career growth. For most panelists at the university committee, they not simply looking for students with high grades, they are targeting students who have extra skills over and above the scores they can manage in class. This is relative to the fact that, in the career realm, the students are not just required to make good grades, but also materialize their academic abilities and leverage them to deliver quality and sustainable solutions. Using the scholarship essay the panelists are able to meet the student behind the scores and better understand their drive and base abilities.  The prompts do not have to necessarily require the student to answer something about their academic goals, they may ask the student to talk about their motivation in the field. As such, the panelists may not be in a position to gather from the scores presented to them. Given the minimal number of slots that are available most of the time, they have to make sure they give the chances to the students that have clearly shown they have the ability and the drive to pursue career in the field.

Scholarship Essay structure

There are several parts to a scholarship essay, all of which are crucial to passing the message the student would want to the panel. The first part is the introduction, followed by a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. Then there are the body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Introduction writing

The introduction is the most crucial part of the scholarship essay, this is relative to the fact that it gives the student to shine over and above the rest of the candidates. As such, when writing the introduction, it is important that the student creates the right amount of interest in the readers. This is the case considering the panel has several hundreds of essays they have to go through before they can select the most fitting ones. The introduction is as a such a platform the student much use to create an attention-grabbing statement. They have to make sure the readers keep reading their essay. From the first statement the student should make sure they have the right approach to helping the readers better connect with them. This a personal statement and as such, the student should make it as personal and unique as possible. It is important the writer does not use a generic approach as the panelists will immediately notice, having read through hundreds of generic essays. It is important the students show they own their content from the beginning to the end. Being able to express themselves, is a clear indication the student knows what they want with the academics, career and generally their life.

Thesis Statement Writing

The thesis statement is baseline along which the student will express their ideas depending on the point or the argument they want to make in the scholarship essay. If the scholarship essay prompt requires, the students to express themselves in terms of their motivation in the field, it is the thesis statement that will best express their drive. In a complete sentence and clear statement that is also relevant to the essay, the writer is supposed to state what drives them. As such, the thesis statement is crucial to setting the baseline along which the rest of the paper is going to be based on. This is to mean, the thesis statement provides the guideline along which, the student expresses their motivation and how the program will best assist them to achieve their goals.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs form the main argument and support the same. Every other paragraph should carry their own message which should be separate from the rest of the paragraphs. At the start of the paragraph is a topic statement, which gives the readers a highlight of what the rest of the paragraphs is going to be discussing. Between the different ideas which are floated in the paragraphs. It is important the writer is able to connect them and make a coherent essay for the readers. To do this, the writer will have to use transitional words and phrases that create the fluidity required to connects the different sentences and ideas in the essay. Transitional words are also crucial in connecting the different paragraphs to be included in the paper. The length of the paragraphs is going to be determined by the ideas being discussed, however, it is crucial that the writer does not make the paragraphs too lengthy. The point behind writing a winning essay is making sure the points to be included in the paper are precisely presented. Too much information also indicates, the writer may not be sure about what they are discussing in the paper. Ideally, choosing the right words and clearly presented ideas is the key to a winning scholarship essay. The panelists do not have a lot of time to read through too much information presented in a manner that indicates repetition. When one writes long paragraphs, there are high chances they will repeat some of the information they have already mentioned, or worse still include information which is not relevant to the debate presented in the scholarship essay.


Conclusion of the scholarship essay is rather a summary of the main points as represented in the scholarship essay. Using the conclusion, the writer highlights the main points of the essay and then restates the thesis statement to ascertain the truth of the same.

Possible questions from the listeners

  • Why did you choose this field?
  • What is the main challenges you have experienced in your academics and how did conquer it?
  • What the best book you have read in the last one year?
  • What is your motivation in life?
  • How do you plan on achieving your goals?

Revising and Proofreading a Scholarship Essay

After writing the scholarship essay, the writer should before submitting read through their piece. Usually students use custom writing services like to deal with this task This is an important essay and one that should not have mistakes, especially those which will compromise the meaning of the paper. By proofreading the paper, the writer is able to make the necessary corrections and improve their credibility.


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