Should you do your homework?


If you ask students what is their biggest challenge when it comes to school, they would say that doing homework. And let’s be honest. How many students have you heard saying that they love homework? But not matter how much they hate home assignments, they still have an important role in the successful development of students.

Although there are contradictory opinions when it comes to this subject, homework was invented not to stress out students and make them hate school, but to help them better understand the theory taught during the class, learn faster, improve their study skills and help them become responsible adults.

Unfortunately, many schools give too many home assignments, and sometimes students feel overwhelmed by the amount of homework they have. Some of them have discovered the benefits of online homework help websites, such as, where students can find professionals that can offer them the information they need to finish their tasks or even do their homework for them so that they can have time to focus on studying for a test or do a project.

What do studies say about homework?

According to experts, the type and amount of homework should depend on the student’s developmental level. Therefore, the National Education Association and the National PTA suggest that children in K-2 grades should have homework that does not exceed 10 to 20 minutes per day, in grades 3 to 6 they should have 30 to 60 minutes per day, while junior high and high school students can spend more time on home assignments, the amount varying from day to day.

A recent study published by the Department of Education showed that a student who spends more than two hours per day to do homework would have better results in Maths, English, and Science. The study tracked more than 3,000 children over 15 years.

Pam Sammons, who is a professor of education at Oxford University, said that how much time a student spends on homework reflects the influence of the school and their enjoyment in the subject.

“That’s one of the reasons Indian and Chinese children do better. They tend to put more time in. It’s to do with your effort as well as your ability,” says Pam Sammons.

Harris Cooper, a Duke University psychology professor, has also performed a study which showed that there is a positive connection between students’ achievement and homework. He said that students who did their homework performed better in school and that the results were better in 7th-12th-grade students than in those in younger grades.

Benefits of doing your homework

Better understanding of theory

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the theory during the class. It might be because of some factors that distract attention, such as noise from the outside, noisy colleagues, the stress that you have a test during the following class or the inability to keep up with the teacher. So the student is left with questions at the end of the class and gaps, which have to be filled with the missing information. By doing homework, the student will be able to better understand the theory and reinforce what was taught in class.


By doing your homework, you will make sure that you will keep your grades up, which means a high GPA score and an increased chance to get into the college you want. Do not impair the importance of the GPA score. You might not realize it right now, but at the end of high school, it will be too late to fix it.

Do better at tests

Usually, students say that tests catch them completely unprepared. This only happens because they did not pay attention when they did homework or because they did not do it at all. Teachers usually help students by giving them home assignments that are similar to the ones they will have in tests. So by doing your homework, you will make sure you won’t be caught off guard.

More overall learning

Homework implies practicing, and we all know that you cannot get good at something without practice. Whenever you feel that there’s too much on your plate, you can create a homework planner that will help you have things under control. Start with the most challenging tasks, the ones that require you to be focused and pay a lot of attention. Then you can move to the less complicated ones. This way your brain will be able to take in more information without getting exhausted.

Bridge between home and school

More and more parents have demanding jobs and chores that take a lot of time each day. This means they spend less time with their children. For such parents, homework is the connection their need with their kids, helping them spend some quality time together but also keep up with their school progress on a daily basis.

Responsible adults

Homework is not only about developing the brain and improving the children’s overall knowledge. It’s also about teaching them about responsibility, discipline, following deadlines, being organized, prioritizing and realizing the importance of education.

Homework has come a long way since its beginning, and now students have more options if they need help with their tasks. Thanks to the websites offering high school and college homework help students are able to complete the most challenging assignments.  They can hire an online tutor to explain the lesson or give them advice on how to finish their homework. By accessing a homework website, you can rest assured that you will not show up in class without your home assignments complete.

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