The Way to Choose the Best Karaoke Microphone

Best Karaoke Microphone

Micro karaoke is an indispensable device in the karaoke set; it plays a relatively important role to make great sound. However, in order to choose the best karaoke microphone or the best mic for YouTube, you should refer to the post which will help you find the best way to choose the best one. Most people prefer wireless microphones, because they are very convenient and they can move in the room without having to worry about the wire. However, when you buy this type of microphone we must pay attention to the following points, because it directly affects the problem of ear or microphone. Follow the instructions to choose the best wireless microphone set for you.

1 Wireless microphone is only convenient in wide and non-entangled space

According to many years’ experiences of supply and installation of karaoke, we find that with the narrow room area, the best solution is to choose a wired microphone, because the wireless mic usually has the phenomenon of howling in the narrow space. Furthermore, with the small room you use wired mic will not move much so you do not have to worry about rope problems.

2 Check Micro

There are at least two different sets of microphones should be tested. In fact, the sales place has echo, repeat and delay, so listen to any good and the same difficult to distinguish. Therefore, in order to better distinguish, you should ask the seller to do the requests such as reduce delay, repeat, to echo the average. You also should turn on the mic when the volume of the whole orchestra is on average, if you hear the echo through the speaker is because the receiver has no anti-interference circuit.

3 Audition with the orchestra at the store

If you are finding the best mic for YouTube which will help you sing better on internet, the step is one of the most important. Therefore, before deciding to buy, you should take the micro around; find where there are obstacles to test whether the receiver of the wireless microphone is strong enough.

4 At home, open the stage with a small volume of music, mainly for listening and checking the microphone.

You should be plugged in the same place. For example, mic 1 and mic 2 line mix together. Furthermore, try to spend at least 30 minutes to test and not decide right after singing a few test sentences, maybe when you start to disobedient and very bad but slowly discover the good points of this micro.

5 The final and most important test: reduce echo, delay and repeat to 0, try pure mic.

With this test, you will hear most clearly the sound quality of each mic. Furthermore, when compare the sensitivity by singing a note and the mic away from the mouth, a mic with good sensitivity will gradually reduce the sound in the distance, 15cm still sound suck. Mic type can usually sing very well if the mic near the mouth is less than 3 cm, but giving a 5cm will suddenly reduce the suction level, and the 15cm is not heard at all.

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